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Is Your State FIRE Friendly?

Congratulations! You busted your hump for years. You maxed out your income at your main job and picked up a few side hustles along the way. You always took advantage of all the ways Uncle Sam loves side hustlers. You stashed your cash in a solo 401(k), supercharged your savings with a cash balance plan […]

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Turn your kids into tax shelters

You never forget the birth of your children.  The circumstances of my three children’s birth were all unique, but there is one common thread that unites them.  Each time I held them close, looked directly into their innocent eyes and whispered in their ear – “I’m dad.  I will always love you.  I will always […]

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Time To Get P.A.I.D.

I’ve never met an income stream I didn’t like. Whether it’s getting paid at work, generating side hustle income from home or collecting passive income in my sleep, it all gets me one step closer to financial independence. There are pros and cons to both forms of income, but they are two sides of the […]

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How to hide $215,000 from the IRS

There are no free lunches in life, but occasionally Uncle Sam will pay you to eat your broccoli. Economics is all about incentives. The government incentivizes you to save for your retirement, healthcare and children’s education so one day your fellow tax payers won’t be left footing the bill. Part of the Bogleheads investment philosophy […]

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