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Supply and Demand

One of the basic concepts of a free market is supply and demand.  The scarcer the supply of a good or service, the higher the price.  We see this all the time in our daily lives.  Have you ever needed to call an electrician or plumber at midnight for an emergency?  You’re at their mercy. […]

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Money Antiheroes

We often celebrate the money heroes in our lives –  The single mom who worked two jobs to send her kids to college.  The grandfather who came to this country with 20 bucks in his pocket and turned it into a business empire.  The older sibling who pulled us aside and gave us that tough-love […]

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How big is your glass?

“Optimists see the glass as half full.  Pessimists see the glass as half empty.  An engineer will tell you the glass is twice as large as it needs to be.” Do you ever wonder why some people seem so much more content than others?  Is it really that their jobs are more rewarding, their families […]

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Invest More Cash vs. Take More Risk

If you’re working a side hustle just so you can spend more money, you’re missing the point.  If you can’t live on one physician’s salary it’s time to get your priorities straight.  You don’t have to take The Live on None Challenge, although it is an excellent way to pay off debt or accelerate your savings. […]

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You’re Not Special

Your mom lied to you.  I know she seemed sincere when she said you were special, and you had every reason to believe her.  You were precocious and charming as a child.  You always did well in school.  When you told your family you were thinking about becoming a doctor they were excited and supportive. […]

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