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Story Time

As a father of 3 and a money nerd, I spend a lot of time thinking about how I’m going to teach my kids about personal finance. I want to give them an education that no one gave me. I also realize that small children will be bored out of their mind with traditional finance […]

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Turn your kids into tax shelters

You never forget the birth of your children.  The circumstances of my three children’s birth were all unique, but there is one common thread that unites them.  Each time I held them close, looked directly into their innocent eyes and whispered in their ear – “I’m dad.  I will always love you.  I will always […]

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I’m a hustler, baby

When you’re a physician, there is always a way to make more money.  Between picking up extra shifts or working a locums side gig, there is more clinical time available than you could ever want.  Working extra clinical time is exactly how I paid off $250,000 in student loans in 2 years.  As nice as […]

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