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A new year brings a feeling of hope and renewal.  A clean slate.  A blank canvas.  Maybe, just maybe – this will be the year you stick to your new year’s resolutions instead of reverting back to the same hot mess you’ve been for the past decade. I often look to my favorite doc bloggers […]

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Money Lessons From Your Favorite Christmas Movies

When you’re a money nerd, you see financial lessons everywhere you look. Even something as innocent as a beloved Christmas movie is jammed packed with personal finance pearls.  One minute you’re watching Santa’s elves making toys, and the next thing you know you’re wondering if they collect unemployment in January. Once you start noticing the […]

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The Hospitalist

Once upon a night shift dreary while I sutured weak and weary With bloodshot eyes and vision bleary, drunks who fell upon their floor. While I nodded, nearly napping suddenly there came a tapping As of someone gently rapping – Rapping at the triage door. ‘Tis some visitor I muttered tapping at my triage door. Only […]

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Story Time

As a father of 3 and a money nerd, I spend a lot of time thinking about how I’m going to teach my kids about personal finance. I want to give them an education that no one gave me. I also realize that small children will be bored out of their mind with traditional finance […]

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