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Supply and Demand

One of the basic concepts of a free market is supply and demand.  The scarcer the supply of a good or service, the higher the price.  We see this all the time in our daily lives.  Have you ever needed to call an electrician or plumber at midnight for an emergency?  You’re at their mercy. […]

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Side Hustle Sit Down: Millionaire Doc

As much as I would like to be able to test every physician side hustle, there are some that are out of reach.  Amongst the jobs I will never be qualified to work is anything that involves radiology. The internet is the great equalizer.  Like many physician side gigs, teleradiology allows physicians to make serious […]

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Cheap Certifications Worth Big Bucks

Most attending physicians feel locked in their specialty choice. You spent years in residency and some spent even more years in fellowship. The thought of taking a 80% pay cut to start a new residency working 80 hours a week is completely unpalatable. At this point in my career quitting my job to do another […]

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Money Antiheroes

We often celebrate the money heroes in our lives –  The single mom who worked two jobs to send her kids to college.  The grandfather who came to this country with 20 bucks in his pocket and turned it into a business empire.  The older sibling who pulled us aside and gave us that tough-love […]

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