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Does Earning More Money Prevent Burnout?

The concept of “money can’t buy happiness” is popular in personal finance and physician circles. People are quick to cite studies claiming that after a certain level of income, earning more money does not increase happiness. I’m not buying it. It is true that some of my happiest moments occurred when I was broke. It’s […]

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Luxury Items

After a decade or more of being broke, a new attending may feel overwhelmed with the sudden surge of cash.  When those big paychecks start rolling in you might be tempted to start splurging on luxury items. No one would blame you for being tempted.  Self deprivation has its limits and most physicians spend their […]

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All Work and No Play

If you’ve spent any amount of time reading this blog, you may be under the impression that side hustles are all about easy money with no downsides. Although I wish that were the truth, the reality is that there is no free lunch. Everything has its price, including lucrative side jobs. In the interest of […]

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The 10 Types of Side Hustlers

No two people are alike. We all have different circumstances and motivations that shape our behavior. My reasons for pursuing side income streams may be different than yours. In fact, over the years I have picked different jobs for different reasons. The following are ten different types of side hustlers. Take a look and tell […]

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