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Specialty Beers

In celebration of Oktoberfest, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) has finally named an official beer for each specialty.  Through much debate and deliberation, the leaders of the major physician organizations have agreed on the beers that best represents their members. Prior to finalizing their decision, they have submitted their choices for a 90 […]

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Civilian Casualties

As an ER doctor, I often meet people on the worst day of their lives.  I’m the guy who gets to tell you your mom is dead.  I’m the one who works the futile code on your 4-year-old while your screams cut right through everyone in the room.  I find your cancer.  I tell you […]

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You’re Not Special

Your mom lied to you.  I know she seemed sincere when she said you were special, and you had every reason to believe her.  You were precocious and charming as a child.  You always did well in school.  When you told your family you were thinking about becoming a doctor they were excited and supportive. […]

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I See Dead People

“Because I could not stop for Death – He kindly stopped for me”. ~ Emily Dickinson Emergency physicians are not strangers to death.  At least once a shift I see someone who is dead or dying. It comes with the territory.  An experienced EM physician can see death from a mile away. They can smell […]

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