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Sensory Overload

Being a doctor is a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes Medicine is an assault on all the senses. Other times it can be a downright pleasure.  Usually those two moments are only a few minutes apart. We all have unique tastes and pet peeves.  Here are some of my favorite (and least favorite) sources of sensory […]

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The Doc Lot

Medicine is all about pattern recognition.  17-year-old with gradual onset of RLQ pain and loss of appetite?  I know this one.  28-year-old with a painful genital rash after a weekend in Vegas?  Here’s your Valtrex.  85-year-old with unintentional weight loss and night sweats?  Better stop buying green bananas. Pattern recognition carries over to other parts […]

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Ghosts of Christmas Future

Compared to most doctors, I’m still optimistic when it comes to the practice of clinical medicine.  Despite routinely seeing dead people, I still think it is a privilege to care for patients. Even though a medical career may leave a trail of civilian casualties in its wake, there is no other job I’d rather do. […]

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The Hospitalist

Once upon a night shift dreary while I sutured weak and weary With bloodshot eyes and vision bleary, drunks who fell upon their floor. While I nodded, nearly napping suddenly there came a tapping As of someone gently rapping – Rapping at the triage door. ‘Tis some visitor I muttered tapping at my triage door. Only […]

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What Your Allergy List Says About You

I love studying people and what makes them tick.  If you really pay attention you can quickly figure out what motivates them and what they’re afraid of.   As an ER doc I get plenty of practice meeting complete strangers and sizing them up based on a few context clues. Year after year, patient after […]

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Specialty Beers

In celebration of Oktoberfest, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) has finally named an official beer for each specialty.  Through much debate and deliberation, the leaders of the major physician organizations have agreed on the beers that best represents their members. Prior to finalizing their decision, they have submitted their choices for a 90 […]

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