Side Hustle Spotlight 2.9.19

The Side Hustle Spotlight is a weekly roundup of interesting posts and articles about medicine, side hustles and personal finance.

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This week I achieved a long-term goal of getting to guest post on White Coat Investor.  The controversial title Stop Whining About Job Satisfaction had the anticipated range of responses.  Those who continued to read the article or the sister post 10 Things More Productive Than Whining About Job Satisfaction (and the doctors who did them) would discover that the point want not to minimize job satisfaction, but rather point out that whining isn’t the solution.  There are so many real life examples of physicians who took concrete steps to improve happiness on the job.  Which doc blogger inspires you the most?

Equally exciting this week was being featured on Xrayvsn‘s interview series The X-ray Beam.  Many of my favorite bloggers have been featured in this series and I’m honored to join such an illustrious group.  We talked about medicine, money, blogging and more.  Go check it out!

Burnout is about more than feeling sad or stressed – it’s about feeling hopeless.  If you’re burnt to a crisp and not sure where to turn, I suggest reading The Physician Philosopher‘s recent post I am Burned Out Now What?.  Cutting out the stressful parts of your job, reducing hours, changing jobs entirely or simply working towards financial independence so you can work on your own terms are all great ways to cool the burn.

Financial independence is about more than being able to quit your job.  For some people, financial independence actually makes them enjoy working even more (but with the freedom to work how and when they want).  Wealthy Doc coined my new favorite term.  In How to Become Financially Free from a Job You Hate he tells us he’s aiming for FINER (Financial Independence Never Ever Retire).  Serving others in a job you find personally rewarding is good for the soul.  FI gives you the power to strike that balance.  Are you on time FIRE or team FINER?

Nothing could be finer than kicking back and reading Crispy Doc‘s latest thoughts on life, medicine and family.  He wrote a post this week that really struck a chord with me.  Financial Independence: A Pathway To Stop Selling Out The People We Love discusses the lies we tell ourselves to justify putting work over family.  Crispy says: “It can be done with the best of intentions; thoughtful physicians are among the most reliable recruits to become bricklayers on the road to hell.”  Looking back on my career I think I’ve been the bricklayer, the steamroller and the guy holding the Stop/Slow sign.  If you won’t cut back for yourself, would you consider cutting back for the people you love?

Speaking of people who prioritize family over work, BC Krygowski has many good reasons Why “Forever Home” Should be Removed from our Vocabulary.  Personal finance purists would say violating the One Spouse/One House/One Job rule is sacrilege, but there are plenty of times when it makes sense to change homes.  I personally can’t wait to sell my “forever home” and move into a “right sized” house that fits my family’s lifestyle better.  Have you ever changed forever homes?

As a fellow ER doc, Dr Rada Jones knows firsthand the nonsense that flows through a department during a shift.  You have a simple choice – get frustrated or choose to see the humor in it.  Her list of 150 funky patient complaints contains some real gems.  Make sure you read the entire post, including the final lesson learned at the bottom.  I promise the payoff is worth it.

A recent White Coat Investor podcast featured WCI answering reader questions along with Physician on FIRE and Passive Income MD.  I was excited to hear them discuss the question I submitted – Name one post that each of your colleagues wrote that you wish you had written yourself.  I won’t spoil the answers for you, but it was interesting to hear them talk about each other’s work.  It’s easy to forget that some of your favorite writers are also avid readers.

The Hippocratic Hustle podcast recently featured the ongoing adventure of Carrie’s Locums Life.  If you don’t mind the travel, locums is a great way to make a lot of money in a short time.  Unfortunately, the trade-off is loss of job security.  Carrie learned some tough lessons in a hurry when her travel job disappeared overnight.  Listen to the episode and tell me how you would handle the uncertainty of the locums life.

I’ve been feeling particularly grateful recently.  Grateful for my family, grateful for my career and grateful for the readers of my inane ramblings.  I’m also grateful for these bloggers and podcasters who made my week a little better.  Being a doctor can sometimes feel like a thankless job.  If no one else thanks you today, let me be the first.  Thanks for all you do.

Keep hustling,

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10 thoughts on “Side Hustle Spotlight 2.9.19

  1. Once more, Rada Jones writes that piece we’ve all wanted to write, only so much better than I could have pulled it off. Damn you, Dr. Jones!

    If we’re going to be brick layers anyway, happy to have you on my road crew (chain gang?).

    Thanks for your kindness,



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