What’s the Point?

Writing is a great way to streamline your thoughts. This blog has helped me process my thoughts on money, medicine and life in general. As the site has grown my ideas for what Side Hustle Scrubs can and should be have grown as well.

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When this project started I had very modest goals.  I consume a lot of medical and finance blogs and was concerned that there was too much doom and gloom.  It seems like everyone is bemoaning the sad state of medicine.  Burnout is real.  Physicians are losing autonomy.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have an awesome job.  You get to make a positive impact on people’s lives in a career that earns more respect and income than 99% of the other jobs you could have chosen.  Good choice!

I want to be a voice for physicians who enjoy working.  I want to shed light on different ways physicians can boost their income. I want us all to take life a little less seriously.

What is the point of this blog?  Here are the 4 things I hope to help you accomplish:

Earn More Money

First and foremost this is a site about making money. Just because a physician salary is the equivalent of Winning a Jackpot doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like to boost your income. If you think it’s shameful for a doctor to be motivated by money, I suggest you find a different blog.

There are lots of ways to earn more money. It might involve locums, working from home or a cushy side gig. You can double down and try crossing your income streams. Sometimes earning more money boils down to location, location, location.

I don’t have the market cornered on making money. From time to time I interview other doctors on the Side Hustle Sit Down so you can learn from their expertise. Experts like Physician on FIRE, Doc G from DiverseFI, Millionaire Doc and Dr Cory Fawcett have all shared their experience for your benefit.

No matter your specialty or location, there is a way you can start earning more money today.


I’d rather be called funny than anything else. Laughter is pure. Laughter is healing. You can’t survive a medical career if you can’t laugh.

Sometimes I might poke fun at my favorite doc bloggers with posts like First Impressions, DOCumentaries or Resolutions.

Other times I’ll throw in some adolescent humor and ask How Big is Your Package?

I really enjoy joking about money lessons from everyday life. If you can’t find humor in Dr. Seuss or Christmas movies we probably don’t see eye to eye on much.

Celebrate Medicine

I’m not talking about blowing smoke up your keester and telling you Medicine is all puppy dogs and rainbows. I celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly. Seeing Dead People can leave a trail of Civilian Casualties in its wake. Sometimes doctors need to be reminded You’re Not Special.

I love Medicine warts and all. Some of my favorite doc bloggers focus on burnout and early retirement. That’s fine. I hope that even doctors running for the exits can appreciate my posts discussing our medical careers.

Invest Smarter

Every self-respecting finance blogger talks about investing. There are plenty of sites out there that do a great job focusing on investing advice (Bogleheads and White Coat Investor changed my life). Since so many other bloggers focus on investing, that will never be my main niche.

Just because it isn’t my primary focus doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy writing about it. I particularly enjoy exploring how self-employed tax breaks, Solo 401(k)s and cash balance plans can help you hide money from the IRS. I also like exploring which states are FIRE friendly.

There is nothing sadder than a physician who earned hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for three decades and still can’t afford to retire. If you’re going to the trouble of earning extra income, you better invest it to buy your financial independence. I hope you save and invest so well that you end up with Morbidly Obese FIRE.

Let’s Get to Work!

Whether you stumbled across this site because you want to earn more money, laugh, celebrate Medicine or invest smarter I hope I can be of service.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, I hope you continue to find value in it. I’ve enjoyed interacting with everyone who has contacted me. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest to keep up with the latest posts. Better yet, just sign up for the Side Hustle Scrubs mailing list and get new posts right to your inbox.

No matter your reasons for visiting this site, I’m honored you took time to stop by.

Keep hustling!

Side Hustle Scrubs




4 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. I am glad you have entered the blogosphere and given a humorous take on medicine and finance. I do think each blogger has a certain flair that can let audiences go to the source that gives them the best understanding. I personally do not like matter of the fact, dry prose and tend to stay away from textbooks etc that do that as I don’t retain much after I have read it.

    Looking forward to what other creative things you have in store for us


    1. I think the key to enjoying blogging is finding your authentic voice. The world doesn’t need a dozen Xrayvsns, White Coat Investors or Physicians on FIRE. I do think this community needs a Side Hustle Scrubs.

      My goal is to be a beacon for docs looking to boost their income and anyone looking for a good laugh about medicine, money or life. It may be a narrow niche, but it’s what feels right to me.


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