Side Hustle Spotlight 11.25.18

The Side Hustle Spotlight is a weekly roundup of interesting posts and articles about medicine, side hustles and personal finance.

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This week I shared 10 Reasons to Give Thanks.  If you grew up in a wealthy family, there are many things you take for granted.  My wife and I feel lucky to grow up broke.  Simple pleasures like reliable cars, paying bills on time and not worrying about health insurance feel like luxuries.  What are you thankful for?

After multiple requests, I finally put together a list of Ten Ways to Earn >$100,000 With a Medical Degree and No Residency.  Whether you are burnt out, didn’t match or an IMG having trouble getting their foot in the door, there are many reasons why someone may not go on to residency after graduating.  Fear not!  There are plenty of alternative careers that can still earn you a stable living.  Which one sounds best to you?

Physician on FIRE put his money where his mouth is this week.  He stepped up his philanthropy game and asked his readers to Help Give Away $10,000.  He let readers and his sponsors suggest worthy charities and the first 100 received $100. His generosity definitely inspired me to up my philanthropy game over the holidays.

Millenial Doctor knows that it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without good friends, good food and watching two middle-aged women throat-punch each other over a stuffed animal.  She reflects on her time working at Target on Black Friday in How Tickle Me Elmo Stole Thanksgiving.  I think everyone should have to work in retail and food service at some point in their lives.  It gives you better insight into the human psyche (and if you’re lucky, 10% discounts on Tickle Me Elmos).

Crispy Doc is pretty good at analyzing the human psyche.  He continued his Docs Who Cut Back series this week when he interviewed Xrayvsn.  As you can imagine, when he transitioned to a 4 day work week with no nights, weekends or call he began enjoying medicine more.  I really have no room to complain.  The average ER doc works 30-40 hours a week.  When I read about docs who have figured out how to cut nights, weekends and holidays out of their schedule it is both inspiring and jealousy-inducing.

So much of our contentment is based on the amount of control we have over our time.  Othala Fehu wants to know how would your life look differently if you knew you only had 10 Years Left to Live.  Most of us spend our days as if we had unlimited time on this planet.  Being reminded that the clock is ticking may make us all work less, travel more and take life a little less seriously.

Do you ever find yourself wandering down a blog rabbit hole and discover a great post you missed months ago?  I recently read You Be Three‘s post entitled 10 Lessons From My First Year as an Attending Female Physician. Like most articles marketed to female physicians, I found her pointers to be universally applicable to male and female alike.

Doc G from DiverseFI continues his podcasting streak with Episode 4 of What’s Up Next.  This week they discussed how physical health impacts your path to Financial Independence.  We take our health and our ability to obtain health insurance for granted, but not everyone is so lucky.  Check it out and gain some appreciation for your health.

Not sure what to buy for the pretentious jerks in your life? Accidental FIRE has you covered. His list of 5 Sweet Gifts, Turnip FIRE Approved is sure to please the spoiled brats in your life.

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I look forward to a weekend of ER patients with Black Friday related injuries and gravy induced congestive heart failure.  I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I did.

Keep hustling,

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3 thoughts on “Side Hustle Spotlight 11.25.18

  1. Great spotlight as always SHS. Glad you felt my interview on crispy docs site was worthy to be included. Cutting back certainly prolongs your career by making it far more tolerable


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