Side Hustle Spotlight 9.30.18

The Side Hustle Spotlight is a weekly roundup of interesting posts and articles about physician side hustles and personal finance.

This week I asked you How big is your glass? Some people are just easier filled than others. You may not be able to control your glass size, but you definitely can control what you fill it with.

For you movie buffs out there I also shared some DOCumentaries where I paired your favorite doc bloggers and podcasters with classic movies. If you haven’t check out these blogs or movies you’re missing out.

Physician on FIRE answers the question Who Cares? Why Write About It?  It turns out that for a group of people who are supposed to be well-educated, physicians do a horrible job when it comes to personal finance.  A staggering 24% of physicians over the age of 65 have a net worth less than $1 million.  What the hell have they been doing with their money?  I’m glad that PoF is trying to spread the word of financial independence.

Doc G of DiverseFI discusses the 5 Stages of Financial Independence. When I first read this it bummed me out because stage 4 is disillusionment – realizing that this long-held goal of financial independence was not the promised land you had hoped. Deep down I know Doc G is right (like he is about most things) but I’m not ready to have that Band-Aid ripped off just yet.

Rose Colored Water wrote a guest post on Xraysvn about Divorce and FIRE.  Although not all of us have gone through a divorce, I’d be willing to bet we’ve all made some money mistakes.  Your friends and family may have even tried to warn you, but you were too stubborn and determined.  I’m glad Liz was able to learn from her experience and share that wisdom with us.

White Coat Investor discusses The Four Keys to Healthcare Reform. WCI is right on the money with the problems facing our healthcare system. I have such mixed emotions about fixing it because as it stands Our Broken Healthcare System is Making Me Rich. I know that the current system is unsustainable and Dr Dahle makes some very good suggestions on how to save it.

Dr. Carrie Reynolds and Miss Bonnie MD got to hear White Coat Investor’s thoughts firsthand on her latest episode of the Hippocratic Hustle.  They discuss his early upbringing, FinCon, working with family, finding work-life balance and FIRE.  My favorite part was WCI saying that part of his ideal life involves continuing meaningful work.  Me too, Jim.

Crispy Doc shares his Breakdown of Rainbows and Unicorns.  Anytime a FIRE blogger talks about wanting to stop working so they can spend more time with their family I’m always skeptical.  If I had to spend 24/7 listening to my kids fight and cry I would go nuts.  Crispy Doc gives a much more realistic breakdown of his family time.  Here’s hoping he invests in a bedroom door lock and a Netflix subscription.

Loonie Doctor discussed New Attending Physician Choices with Big Financial Impacts. The post cites several other doc bloggers including my big dumb house. Any new attending would be wise to heed Loonie Doc’s wise advice.

Fall is creeping in, so make sure you get outside and enjoy the heat while you can get it.  Check out these great blog posts and podcasts.  I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

Keep hustling,


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3 thoughts on “Side Hustle Spotlight 9.30.18

  1. Thank you SHS for including Liz’s story on her divorce from my site. She is a remarkable person and a shining example of how you can still lift your head up high and recover from a bad situation. Have a great rest of the weekend. – XRV


  2. Thanks for the mention Side Scrubs Hustle. I love the breadth of discussion and sense of humour/fun that is happening here. From one big dumb house owner to another 🙂


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