First Impressions

I’m not going to lie.  I read a lot of physician blogs.  Too many, in fact.  Part of the reason I enjoy reading blogs is that after a while you feel like you get to know the author.  My favorite bloggers have a unique style and voice.  I’ve never met any of these people, yet I think I could predict how they would react to most things in their day to day lives.

Let’s take something completely innocuous like Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day and see how these bloggers might react:

Ben and Jerry's.png

White Coat Investor


Physician on FIRE


Passive Income MD


Rogue Dad MD

Rogue Dad

Nisha Mehta MD


Carrie Reynolds


Vagabond MD




Crispy Doc


Dr McFrugal


Doctor of Finance MD




Physician Philosopher

physicial philosopher

Wall Street Physician 



What do you think? Did I capture your favorite physician blogger in a single tweet? Share your thoughts and comments below.


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17 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. Too funny. Free Ice Cream will make you fatFIRE. 🙂

    Even funnier is that me, Carrie, and Nisha all took our kids to DQ on free cone day earlier this spring / summer after I saw it on Twitter or Facebook and shared it!



  2. Hilarious, but I feel I’m missing out. I must have neglected my ice cream tweeting. I better step up my game. Two B&J facts about me: 1. I met Ben and Jerry when they were opening their store (the first in NY maybe) in Saratoga. I thought they were crazy hippies who knew nothing about ice cream or business. Maybe I was a little wrong about both? 2. In college, the only things we could order for delivery were Buffalo Wings and Ben & Jerry’s so I lived on NY Super-Fudge Chunk!


    1. Bahhahahhahaha! LOVED that blog post. Mine would have been: “Only eat one scoop of ice cream because the second one will make you fat AND you can take the $$ you saved on the second scoop and use it to TRAVEL. or Be Free from working Full time.”
      Strong work!


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