Welcome to Side Hustle Scrubs – a blog dedicated to exploring physician side jobs and non traditional medical careers. In the see one, do one, teach one tradition my goal is straightforward:

See hustle – research a side hustle for my readers including the salary, time commitment, risks and minimum requirements to apply

Do hustle – successfully apply, get hired and be paid to do the side hustle.

Teach hustle – Readers can learn from my mistakes so they can succeed at side hustling too.

About me

I am a board certified emergency physician on the East Coast since 2011.

I like dark coffee, aged tequila and anything beach related.

I am married with 3 kids (hence the coffee and tequila).


What the heck does “Side Hustle Scrubs” mean?

I have worked the same full time job since graduating residency but occasionally picked up moonlighting jobs in other hospitals. Since my regular work scrubs have my company’s logo on them, I have separate scrubs for the side gigs. The jobs I explore on this blog represent things I will need to dust off my stack of sidle hustle scrubs for.

What do you think?
Have suggestions for side hustles you want me to explore? Leave a comment below or email me at


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